Preventing Burnout in the Daily Podcast Grind With Ashley Hamer, Managing Editor and Host of 'Curiosity Daily'


Weekly shows. You'll often just there's a. There's a tried and true formula. You record you produce you. Release you record. You produce you release to do that with the daily show you know. Some people can do it. It may be a recipe for burnout. It's that's a lot to do every single day. So there are ways around that you can batch your tasks that is going to be the theme of this day is you can get all of you. Can you can do all of your writing. You can do all of your content planning and record multiple episodes in one. Go so one. One example of that is in the center here batch production. You have maybe two episodes of new content. You have one episode. That's just evergreen that you can run anytime you record all of those together. Do all the production at the same time and then you have three episodes and it's less time planning less time scheduling less time. You know getting out all the equipment. It's a little bit faster but of course not every show can do that. Some shows are more timely. Some shows are new shows so a solution to that might be kind of a blend you could do. The record produce release schedule for those really timely episodes that need to come out tomorrow but in addition to that so that you always have daily content. You could also have some evergreen stories that you you record all together and you have multiple episodes in one recording and production and session the for a science. Show what we'll do is a lot of our content is evergreen but will also cover things like you know the the venus missions that were just announced. You know we will. We can pop in and do a timely story in this process. It's it's very flexible but if you're not a science show like we. Are you know a news. Podcast could possibly run a primer on. How the electoral college works. During every election season or a comedy podcast could re run a segment where like a running joke head originally started so everybody can like here that that little bit of history. There's there's a lot you can do to have content for every day of the week and yet still have time to create the stuff. You really wanna create.

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