Canada, First Nations Reach $8B Settlement Agreement Over Drinking Water Advisories


The canadian government has reached an agreement in principle with the first nations to settle to class action lawsuits over drinking water advisories as dan carpenter reports. More than one hundred forty thousand people could be compensated. If the court approves the settlement. The proposed agreement is worth nearly eight billion dollars. One and a half billion would be direct compensation to people who have not had access to clean drinking water. There would also be money for the creation of a four hundred million dollar first nations economic and cultural restoration fund to first nations launched. A class action lawsuits against wall over the lack of safe drinking water in their communities. Mark miller is canada's indigenous services minister as well as forward commitment to support reliable access to safe drinking water on razor with six billion dollars in targeted supports including capital at operations and maintenance and finally the modernization of canada's first nations drinking water legislation the canadian government of prime minister justin trudeau had pledged in two thousand and fifteen to lift all drinking water advisories in first nations communities by march of this year. One hundred and eight advisories have been lifted. Fifty-one remain in effect. Most of them in ontario miller says the agreement in principle brings the parties. a step. Closer to reconciling a long history and it can be celebrated as a step in the right direction toward achieving the goal of clean water for all for national native news. I'm dan carpenter.

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