The Curse of the Crying Boy Painting


The middle of the night in the early nineteen eighties in south yorkshire in england. A beautiful country home caught on fire and it burned to the ground. The living room was nothing but charred wood in ashes. The house was owned by ron and may hall and they lost everything in the fire except for a painting that they had hanging on the wall of the living room. It was the painting of a crying young a boy for some reason. Everything in the house was destroyed except this one painting of a crying boy. Is it a valuable painting. No it's it's not a valuable painting it. It was a mass mass produced painting in fact why are we mass producing paintings of crying. Children will when you think about some of the mass produced pictures not just paintings but photos that you find in frames at stores when you buy a frame at a store. They'll put a photo in there. Yeah they're not. Always the most tasteful. They're usually a little tack sweeping kid. And since these paintings were created mass if you will. This was not the first time that the picture of a crying boy was found as the only artifacts to survive in a house fire. In fact over the years there have been dozens and dozens of these

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