A highlight from MFM Minisode 238 - Attempted Kidnappings


Hello and welcome to my favorite murder the minnesota you also the minions so to by the minions got. They're funny they're little. Sometimes they have to is. Sometimes they have one on talk adorable. It's babble but you also understand what they're trying to say this isn't this episode is brought to you by minions if so it'd be millionaires right now but i really did like that surprise that should that it myself by just being really bored one time and turning that on and being like delighted by the despicable me franchise rock solid in terms of comedy. I've watched all of those movies with my knees. The first one we loved it so much we watched it all the time so q. Itself funny and so key charming but that's not what this is about. This is about the minions now. We're going to knock at charming and q. And redo your fucked up stories that you send us you understand that life is about contrast and that when you have the charming acute you come under at horrid horrifying helping yes. My dad nearly had me kidnapped high all so it was nine hundred ninety six. My dad was looking to sell his car. A man interested in purchasing set. Car comes over to take a look. My dad's out front giving the man a tour of the car a tour of the car. Toddler elliott running around while he is doing so after a while. My dad comes back into the house and mom asks how he got on well they must be brits all good he is just taken out taking it out for a test. Drive dad replies. My mom then asked if it was a good idea to let him letting him take the car by himself. Fair question because who in the right mind. Let's a stranger take their car for a drive unsupervised. Yeah don't panic folks. My dad had it covered any replied to my mom and said no. It's all right. Elliot's in the back. We told toddler l. e. running around. Imagine what followed was a lot of hysteria. In bell language being thrown at. My dad remind very frazzled. Mother i i came back though. So it's cool. And that is a true and mildly. Not so mildly alarming story of my near kidnapping experience in my dad's wonderful parenting skills. Can we just take a second to imagine. The poor man being trusted to take the car with a alone with a random child in the back that aside crazy if i was up mother i would have slapped him. Forward and back. If i was digging carver test drive. i'd be like. I don't trust you in leave right. I mean 'cause wishy in its toddler cedar sitting around in the back. The fucking knows it. Sounds like she was just wandering sound like she was just in the car. Get in take the car for test drive with his nice man. Hold this fear that aside and believe it or not. My dad was actually a truly amazing man. An incredible father. Fortunately i only got a short nineteen years of him as he passed away in two thousand thirteen. I miss him dearly. In have many many more stories of this wonderful crazy man has at times clearly way too trusting and for that. I am blessed. Thank you guys for everything. You do weird to think that listening to to funny chicks talk about murder is sort of escapism for my severe anxiety but hey whatever floats your boat right. I'm clearly not alone. Stay sexy and don't send your daughter off in a car with strangers.

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