Sara Carter on Spygate: The Swamp Became a Machine Working on Behalf of the Clintons


It appears to me that the big story here is this from the Friday indictment. The big story appears to be that they flooded the zone. Sarah, this Hillary lawyer Kabbalah. People were sending people everywhere to, uh, that guy Corey to the media to the FBI said Donald Trump collude with the Russians and they were propagating to myths. The Alpha Bank connection. And the PP tape Oaks right, and it doesn't seem that it really got any traction because it appears the FBI knew that these people were working for the Clinton campaign. That is, until Sussman comes in in September. The lawyer and claims otherwise am I am I reading that right? I think you're reading it Absolutely correct. And it's the reason assessment was indicted because he flat out lied to the FBI. He didn't say who he was working for. But see, this is all so convoluted and because you and I covered this I mean, you were covering it just as much shine shine, Solomon and I and, of course, Mark Levin and others who were focused on this. We knew that senior membership of the FBI, the senior leadership positions, Andy McCabe, James Comey, of course, Uh, James Clapper, who was outside the FBI and John Brennan with the CIA. Those people in particular were well aware. Were well aware of what was going on and what was happening the whole time. I believe me, but there was so much cover up for the cover up and you brought up something that was so important on your shelf and unfiltered when we were on together, and this is the fact that the bureaucracy itself The swamp itself just became a machine that was working on behalf of the Clintons and working on behalf of the DNC. They already had everybody in place. They didn't have to worry about holding someone accountable because the only people that could be held accountable was by the DOJ. But if the DOJ was sold out, and we know there were people inside the DOJ that were sold out And who was going to hold them accountable. They could just continue to lie about it and continue to propagate and continue to wag the dog. You know, all of these lies all this disinformation. Uh huh. And nobody would ever Days, the responsibility

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