Panthers' Matt Rhule Is Making a Bid for Best NFL Coach This Season


I wanna talk about the best young coach football. And it's not necessarily sean mcveigh. It's clear that it's not only an indictment on the new york jets operation. But what you're seeing was sam darnold in the carolina. Panthers is pretty remarkable the knock on darnold out of college there to know with too comfortable wins but the knock on darnold out of college and i watched every snap was his accuracy issues. What does he completing now. Seventy percent of his throws. He doesn't make mistakes total composure. It would be easy to just say. This is an indictment on the jets but instead of just the negative side. Let's look realistically at the positive side. Not only has met rule made darnold more comfortable. This defense has twenty one quarterback hits and ten sacks in two games. What does that tell you. The culture of the carolina. Panthers is headed in the right direction. It also tells you. This is a remarkable stat on matt rule. The coach carolina going back to the beginning of last year. You will not believe this. Carolina leads the nfl with the fewest. Three and outs that with teddy bridgewater and start with. Sam darnold. nothing about that not mahomes. Not lamar jackson. Not tom brady. Not derek carr not matt ryan not russell wilson not aaron rodgers. No the fewest three and outs matt rule. Teddy bridgewater and sam darnold but this is a offensive line. That outside of right tackle graded poorly left. Tackle all the way to right guard. What matt rule is doing with this sub optimal often. It's of line. The scarce number of three out the revamping rebooting of sam darnold is really mind-blowing

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