Limits On Toilet Paper And Cleaning Supplies Are Back At Costco


Go to costco or your local big box. Perhaps you got toilet paper on your list. Maybe some water cleaning supplies as well. But when you go to load up your car you see the signs that say two per customer or whatever. The limit is not as you might think. Thanks to reprise of the apocalyptic stockpiling early on in this thing. It's a supply chain again. But as marketplace's amanda peach reminds us limits on how much consumers can buy can backfire on retailers. Trying to sell it when there was a run on certain products in pandemic early days. The explanation was simple. Basically consumers freaked out. Ken boyer studies operations management at ohio state university and people heard. There's gonna be a shortage so they went to buy more but shortages now are much more about shipping delays and other supply chain constraints boyer says take toilet paper even if it's manufactured in the us the chemicals to make it might come from china or thailand. They're sitting on a boat. Offshore that becomes a delayed the toilet paper manufacturers sometimes. The shortage is in packaging or containers like cans for soda or bottles for water in melbourne. Florida alley strands. Saw a sign at the grocery store. At limiting the number of cases of water customers could purchase to to literally. My first thought was hurting. Strands checked her phone. No hurricane warnings so she thought what's going on with bottled water. She bought two cases and had her son. Do the same. You drink the bottle of water. But he was getting his shopping part for me. Because is there going to be a run on water. And that's why stores have to be careful about signaling. Shortages with product limits on we realize goods are scarce. They become more valuable to us. Care me. Burke is a behavioral economist with the university of southern california. I might not new toy right now. But i know toilet. Paper is scarce. So i may go stock up on it as much as i can at the moment. In burke says that unnecessary purchasing can add pressure to supply chains at exactly the wrong time. I'm amanda pitcher for

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