Why Creativity Equals Productivity With Author Joe Sanok

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You have got so much to say about creativity and productivity. Why is it that creativity causes us to be more productive. What's that all about. Yeah i think intuitive we know this and a lot of the science backs it up as well but just think about when you have your best ideas you know when you're stressed out or maxed out. It's when you're taking a shower when you're out for a hike when you're on a long drive and maybe turn off the radio for a while It's when our brains are able to rest when we're not really in that fight flight or freeze and so we know that if we're going to be more creative it doesn't start with having a week. That's maxed out and stressed out and then we have a weekend where we're just recovering that we go right back into it. It's where we start with the slowing down when we start with that that mindfulness and we allow our brains to relax. I and ask those hard questions of. What is this weekend. need From me and from my brain. How do i best myself for this next week. the idea that we work five full days and then for two days we take off. It just doesn't work anymore. And as we look at the research on the forty workweek and about making thursday the new friday we see emerging more and more that countries and businesses that are switching to a four day of work three days off are seeing better productivity and creativity.

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