Microsoft unveils four Surface computers and a new folding phone

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Big surface event panos pumped mega pumped screens folding cameras. Improved walk straight yet. So there was eight devices into an update to the so basically the context of this is mike. Smith has a bunch of new surface devices for windows eleven so they will drop in on october fifth and they also have an android successor for the surfaced u as a substitute so got surfaced. Pyrite which. I think. I wrote before they still announced but this is the kind of one. We've been waiting for years. Kind of minas ov- redesign but some Screen changes and internal changes. Fundable this stuff. So that was kind of expected and then really minor change. The surface pro acts as a wifi modal. That was kind of like okay. Cool that's happening. Then the surface go free again. Might changes Prices up upgrades this stuff. So yeah k- cool. We kind of expected that. As well. And i guess the surprise Surprise we were expecting a new surface book. But it's the surface laptop studio so replace but team that sort of name and like the way they did it but basically it's a complete redesign at the surface book. So gone is the detachable display. Which i guess i didn't like pessina and a faint everyone Questioned is it full. I don't think the surfaced laptops g necessarily has a good answer to who is it for either but the the actual design is essentially if you remember the odor acer laptops with the the screen folds for almost pulls food or hatred. Folio they post on. It is kind of that design. So it's not really like the unique design that you would expect from the surface of us. That's kind of like myself really focused. Previous who has been very unique hinges and stuff is like a kind of unique hinge in that sense for the overall designers. Yeah it's like one of those crazy eight laptops that we saw many years ago just looks a lot better and more refined

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