The Biden Administration Has NO Idea What They're Doing


China is on the rise again intimidating. Our friends and partners in south asia north korea is again launching ballistic missiles over the sea of japan. Russia is flexing. Its muscles with putin. Having just won reelection well reelection. Just reinstalling himself. And iran drawn is very happy. We've left afghanistan in cannot believe their luck the senile decrepit old hoskins politician in the white house is seriously thinking of reinstating. The obama era. Jcp away run deal all this all this in the space of less than a year nine months in the fall of kabul with the teen americans and the response what's the response a drone strike that kills an afghan aid worker and children america's back. Oh i didn't mention the sub deal. I i'm in american history. The french of recalled their ambassador because this administration snubbed them in their diesel and nuclear sub. Deal with the australia. What did they tell us. The adults are back. Yeah i'll tell you one thing. They may be add outs. They don't love this country and they have no idea what they're

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