How Chris 'Mr. Reagan' Kohls Got His Start on YouTube


Millions of listeners and views who you are where you came from and what you're doing right now. I'm just an average guy. Let me tell you been thinking about lately about white men. It's kind of a weird thing. But on me chris just going to enjoy the sexual. Well i've just been thinking about this because you don't have the left likes to divide us up into our demographic groups and say this groups better the macaroni whatever. Well i've noticed that some of us kind of fall for it a little bit. And i noticed that there is a for real like i feel like in regular life. Conservative women tend to be outspoken bold conservative black black conservatives. Black-americans are conservative. Very bold white men. We have become a bit more demure over the years. We have stopped speaking boldly in articulately and clearly and aggressively because the feminists call us aggressive. They say were the problem. And so white. Men tend to just say all right. I'll just be quiet. I'll sit back. You know if you're gonna call me aggressive. I'll be the opposite of aggressive. Just chill and now's not the time for that. I think that conservative white men need to speak up more. I'm not. I'm not saying that. There are no conservative white. Men that speak up you speak up but you're an immigrant see so you have some kind of something of immigrant. Yeah no but that's how the left looks at they judge us and then i think we're afraid to speak out and speak up and yeah and at one point. I decided that it was something that somebody else needed to do. Other than the few people who were on youtube at the time a couple years ago. And i said some. Some idiot's gotta grab a microphone and a camera and do another show and i thought oh. I have a microphone on camera. I'm the idiot.

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