You Get To Make This Up!

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You get to make this up. I thought about that this morning. When i was sitting with my journal and all of a sudden i wrote morning messages. Go back to morning messages. And i thought to myself as my as my doubting mind came in all. But you've tried that and you've gotten tired or you've got lost things to say or you weren't sure if it was working or not and then i wrote down in the next moment you get to make this up and not only do i get to make it up and try again. Get back on the horse. Do these morning messages again. But you get to make up your life as well you know at the end of the day. No one's really watching. No one's keeping score. No one's keeping count that you stopped and started something that you tried several times and maybe felt like you failed. No one is really watching so you get to make it up. Think about the things that are moving through that creative energy that creative impulse. What is it that is nagging at you in those early hours of the morning to pick your paintbrush backup to to try something new in how you move your body to let go of something. That's not working. We get to make this up and as we all know now after a year and a half of incredible uncertainty in the world. Nothing is forever we can change on a dime as we all had to change during the pandemic. We all became so nimble so flexible. Even if we didn't want to we did it anyway. Well how about if you want to help out if you want to change you wanna make it up. If there's anything that i can share in these morning messages. And i hope it comes through loud and clear is that we get to change. We get to change our story. We get to let go of what doesn't work anymore. We get to embrace who we are becoming and so if that means doing something that you've tried ten times before but you have a new impulse to do it just like i do with these morning messages. Then go for

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