Dutch King Unveils Holocaust Name Monument in Amsterdam


King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands officially unveiled a new memorial in the hearts of Amsterdam to on a more than a hundred and two thousand Dutch victims of the Holocaust Dutch prime minister mark which says that the monument would remind citizens today to be vigilant against anti semitism this name on a man says a hundred and thirty thousand one hundred and sixty three times no we will not forget you know we would accept that your name is a raise and no evil does not have the last word the memorial is made up of rules that spelled out the Hebrew word meaning in memory all of it is the creation of parties Jewish architect Daniel Libeskind who had every broken the wall inscribed with the name of the Holocaust victim memorial visitor postal Pullman says the monument means a lot to him very emotional very but we have now something in reality all the names it is something that we had to wait for this so many years but finally just realize fine Karen Thomas

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