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Mac riddles or a mcchicken biscuit for just three bucks order ahead on the mickey d's app. Price and participation may vary cannot be combined with combo meal single item at regular price mobile ordering pay at participating. Mcdonald's fifty year. Old hip hop legend and houston's own rapper scarface. We all know him well scarface just got a life lifeline. And his battle with kidney failure scarface had a serious case of covert nineteen which doctors say knocked out his kidneys and he had to be put on dialysis scarface had made public pleas for help and getting a new. Ken kidney but recently he told the world he'd found an answer closer to home according to cbs news in scarface. His son thirty year old christian. Chris joyner chris. Jordan said why not. He's my dad komo So why not he is my dad scarface scarface posted on social media. A black and white picture of him and his son with the caption. Someday we'll look at this and laugh about it. Thanks to you chris jordan. I'll be there to a real superhero while no smart rumor jordan baby bradshaw good guy. Good guy good guy. That's an awesome a great father. Son relationship steve. You know. I love what the son said. Why not he's my dad. You know i mean to me is a given You know especially if you've been in your son's life that's what the relationship is all about right. It's given i let me tell you something on my facebook show speaking of kidneys. That was a black woman and a white woman that worked at the same hospital. They were talking one day. They met in the lunchroom. Just introduce yourself with talking to you. Same sad what's wrong. She said my husband is in need of a kidney transplant. The white woman said oh my god. My husband is in need of a kidney transplant too. But they couldn't find it they they did some research medical things and they said well what type of my husband is all negative and my husband is a some to both of them had rare this why they couldn't find rare blood come to find out. The black lady was a perfect match for the white ladies. Host and the white woman was a perfect match for the black lady's husband and all fold them transferred kidney. Why beautiful stores from a conversation. And i just had that on my show. It's a crazy story man. And i learned something about kidney transplants. When you get a kidney transplant they don't take your kidney out your body really day. Just add the kidney soda. White cat is what's his second one he got three kidneys. Oh meaning the person receiving kidney they don't take they don't take a kidney out they just put it in the parson. I also heard the person that is donating the kidney. It's it's harder on that person to the recovery is very very difficult to one person. We'll have three kidneys and then the other person had one damn kidneys young one but you can live with one one no matter to do this three. Wouldn't you be like hey wait for one of them is a work one out of commission and like and like what i learned about it was is certain percentage of kidney function like the black dude was now up to seventy two percent functional ability. I'm in this crazy it i. I learned a lot that but that was an amazing story. Love and commitment to women met and was just sad that they and they both found that they husbands needed kidneys and then a few weeks later they did ask some questions words and next thing you know each one of the women had the right blood type for each one of them's husband and they both agreed to save two hundred eight husband's like real. Come on man. Please get up out of here a little taste. They was having a spiritual moment on that couch. All why do tell me. Nothing about god. Don't say nothing to me biting all right. we're coming up next. Is the nephew with today's prank. Phone call right after this kid. I mean we we might. You're listening to morning show. The trevor project is the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for. Lgbtq young people if you were when you know need support reach one of our trained counselors twenty four seven always confidential and always free at the trevor project dot org. You are not alone you might have noticed a change in your neighborhood lately. Yep sprint stores are now t mobile stores. That spreads is t. mobile. You get more coverage value and benefits than ever before we've invested billions to bring her five g. From big cities to small towns across america and great coverage is just start from high speed mobile hotspot data to weekly deals and giveaways our customers get tons of great benefits head. You new t. mobile store to learn more. Go find service and capable device required coverage not available in some areas some use as require certain planner feature c. t. mobile dot com. Hey what's going on guys on my cam. And i'm kim kabbalah. We love football so much. We figured let's start a podcast and call it. Nfl ix played where we just answer all the crazy questions. We get about football all the time. There are a ton of those questions. Dd we can go through team. Dame's like how the buffalo bills got their name even came up with the sky. Cam is that is actually a really cool idea and answers to questions. Like that and more every thursday come join us for the nfl explained. Podcasts can find it on iheartradio app or on apple podcasts. Basically wherever you find your podcasts.

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