A highlight from Strange News: The US vs. Prince Andrew, China Moves World's Largest Guan Yu Statue, Facebook Makes Ray-Bans


Producer. Alexis codename doc holliday jackson. Most importantly you are you. You are here. That makes this stuff. They don't want you to know If you're watching this on youtube you may notice. That scully is moving a little bit closer to the camera on my end. Got some rearrangements going on. I'm just of her slowly encroaching presence. Don't feel like this is a zoom horror movie forbath where we're sneaks up on me. I know you're right there. A video get where. We started rolling logs here. We started rolling in. You had your hand around scully. And skelly had her and around you just. We opened the show like that so many times. But this one usually chiefly retune a show. Oh we're rolling a bloopers reel memory. Put that in there. I think to be making some more Videos of that older format that older of log format hopefully as we get closer and closer to one of the favorites seasons of this show. Halloween remember that time. I asked said that agent scully should dita sandwich and somebody yelled at me. For fat shaming women. Yeah i vaguely. Remember that. But i think in general we don't bring that up is fine fine. It was just so dumb. I think everybody should eat a sandwich. Just in general the data side. If you were a long time conspiracy. Realist of louis are welcome. You back to the show and you know what happens this time of the week. It is the top of the week. It is monday which means it is time for strange news. We're going further into governmental absurdity. We're going further into the lives in crimes of the incredibly cartoon initially offensively wealthy and powerful. And we're going forward to the future. In a way that i think is frankly beat me here doc in terrifying Also we are still keeping an eye on some of the things. We talked about in our last strange news. We're learning more about the coup in guinea. Were learning more about so many so many stories. That seem here and gone. As far as western new cycle is concerned the the fbi released a highly redacted. one document. Ooh about y'all heaven yes yeah. The fbi did Respond or try to get in front of the executive order an released some stuff but yet again it appears they mistakenly used the black high lighters instead of the yellow ones so there are still questions that remain shut out to the onion for that age old joke that never. It's never not relevant. which how. How weird is that i think. Just maybe we traveled to to lead ninety kingdom. I because there's something really interesting happen to your i. I don't know if anybody's experience this in your personal lives But you've probably seen this seen in countless films and countless television shows where someone says Hey are you you know. Are you mister dole browner. Hey you mr matt frederick and then you say guess like a sucker go you've been served papers or they just do like really hot dance. Move up on you and they say you got served. That's yeah that's better service. You have to pay a premium to get people. Serve that way. Billionaire singing telegram at that point but combining the two is the best right. But getting you know it's like a little bit of Puts a silver lining on things but it turns out being served is a a real process eating. it's it's something that maybe is a little misunderstood in the world of western fiction. I would say because if you've never had a legal experience with this then it sounds like all you have to do is never tell a stranger. Your name right never admit who you are and just be ready to run away. But i think it's it's not that quite that simple just for just for comparison the us. There's this legal move you can do. Where if if you're getting stonewalled by the person you're trying to serve but you know they are in regular contact with someone like a spouse or child or whatever then you can serve that person instead and it still counts. So i didn't know that. Yeah well yeah in this case. I don't know exactly how it works with british law or with the law over there in the uk. But and you know what. I actually see this. What we're about to talk about. It's more like from. Prince andrew's perspective is more like thinking. You're you've finish the film you've conquered. Whatever the antagonised is if if the protagonist in the story is prince andrew feel like that that's over and then all of a sudden it's back the person is back right wakes up from whatever they were knocked out or something. It's even enough to make him sweat right. Yes exactly. And i think that's a very good thing in this case. Not only according in that way because the horror movie genre does this a lot. Prince andrew who has been accused of taking part in some of the jeffrey epstein a human trafficking and sexual assault actions elephants saying that correctly prince. Andrew was a part of many of the allegations. That were against jeffrey epstein. At least he took part in a few instances within the saga. That is jeffrey epstein's sexual abuse in human trafficking thing. God not say that. But it's not a conspiracy. It's a huge conspiracy and just say a terrible terrible thing that went on for a very long time and prince. Andrew was accused specifically by a person named virginia roberts joffrey. I don't know how to say that correctly g. i f. f. r. e. and you've likely seen a picture of prince andrew and virginia together that it circulated a lot too when she was very very young. Two of them were posed together. You can find that picture. She has been attempting to hold prince andrew to account for his actions stuff that occurred when she was underage. She's been trying to do that for a long time. And today in new york city as we record this monday september thirteenth virginia and her attorneys are officially having a pretrial hearing about the eventual trial. They want to have but against prince andrew for these things that occurred you know. Her allegations are that when she was seventeen. She was sexually assaulted by the prince. As a part of jeffrey epstein's whole thing and the the issue they've been dealing with is attempting to officially serve the prince. These papers like ben was alluding to at the beginning of the story. And it is a weird thing when you're british royalty and you have so many layers of human beings between you and the public even law enforcement when when officers have attempted to serve the prince. These papers they've been unsuccessful and they've been attempting to serve the prince with papers for quite a while their stories in here from the guardian. I'll give you the story. You can reference right now if you'd like to. The story is new york court to hold pretrial conference on civil suit filed against prince andrew. And within here you can see how the papers were not handed over to the prince. The way you would in the stories we've described earlier it. They were handed to some metropolitan police officers who were at the gates of a property in with on which the prince was hanging out where he was located at the time and that occurred on the twenty seventh of august and just another piece of info. Here a group called blackford z. Law firm that according to the guardian is representing prince andrew in quote certain. Uk matters they questioned whether or not these papers were served correctly because they went to a police officer. But it's not as though you know. You're walking on a highly guarded property. You could just walk up. You know past the officers past the private security. Whoever

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