Chiefs vs. Chargers: Kansas City Defense Looking Weak Ahead of Sunday's Game

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All right folks will this next game that we've got Is going to be against our division rivals. The kansas talk Yeah so let's take a look at a couple of games for them. Their first game of the season was against the cleveland browns. That's who they played in the playoffs last year Let's see patrick. Mahomes put up over three hundred and thirty yards three touchdowns in that game Tyreek hill almost got two hundred yards. Goodness gracious On that game with a touchdown. And travis kelsey seventy six yards with two touchdowns so clearly we know who favor targets are guys from that game tyreek hill and travis kelsey They were pretty comparable as far as their stats go. Cleveland was able to put up a four hundred fifty seven yards. That's a big difference I think the big thing here is the rushing yards in this game in the next game. They they've put up very few rushing yards and they put up seventy two their week. One game against the browns. They put up sixty two week. Two against the ravens. So i'll and then the ravens put up to fifty and the browns put up one hundred fifty three so just looking at this and how close these games are this. Kansas city chiefs team is defense. Isn't what he was no. You can clearly see that. And i'm looking at these stance here. It looks like against baltimore. Game tyreek hill only got fourteen yards leagues. What happened here. So they've they've shut them down. While i think that's you know we put this in here to just show the fact that if we can lockdown kelsey and hill and just moderately. Stop the run. I think we're going to have a good chance and we just need to score touchdowns like you're gonna have to score thirty to beat these

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