Romeo Beckham, 19, Has Signed His First Professional Football Contract



Romeo beckham signs not mls but with fort lauderdale cf of of course the affiliate team of inter miami herk Why is this ugly. Beckham's of very handsome man assisted ugly. Look my man. This is the first you hire your best mate. David beckham until novel. The coach injure miami no nepotism there. Now you're gonna place your son. Nineteen year old rahmael beckham. By the way where did he last play where his credentials. What's his soccer resume. Can we anybody wanted to google search on that. This is an ugly look. you know. It's one after the other for inter miami. This is this man's personal playground. It's not a good look. Yeah and it's definitely not the way you would start a professional soccer career right. Like david beckham with all of his access and connections if he was trying to launch his son soccer career. He wouldn't do it at fort lauderdale. The seems like something that they want to do as a family. And they're going to do because they have the access to it but if you wanted to really launch a true professional soccer career would you do it in in a major league soccer. Ussl beat one. Not you'd have your son overseas where there's a ton of pro jobs and a ton of pro

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