Bill Illusion, Greater Los Angeles And FDA discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Boxes. Bill Illusion the U. S. Has reportedly lining up 5 to 8 flights today to carry the Haitian migrants out of the U. S. A small earthquake rattles the Greater Los Angeles metro area Friday night. The magnitude 4.3 quake struck shortly before eight p.m. and was centered near Carson. No reports of major damage or injuries and FDA panel votes not to recommend a covid booster shot for people under 65. Unless they're at high risk of severe disease. An FDA panel has voted. There is not enough evidence yet a booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine would be beneficial for those 16 and up. The White House has been in favor of another shot. But there has been disagreement over whether it is needed boxes. Lauren Blanchard, the FDA will make the final decision on whether to provide a fighter booth. Stir shot. Madonna and Johnson and Johnson shots not being considered. This time. The Pentagon now calls last month's drone strike in Afghanistan. Tragic mistake. Marine General Frank McKenzie, chief of US Central Command, says earlier intelligence led the military to believe it had targeted an ISIS bomb maker. Instead, the strike killed multiple civilians. And on Wall Street, the Dell lost 166 points. America's listening to Fox News. This view was worth the hike right? And it's a good way

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