Why the Left-Wing Liberal Media Gets Right-Wing Capitol Rallies So Wrong


To the capital tomorrow. I want to read a left-wing tabloids description of why the capital is on alert. This isn't the new york. Daily news headline capital on alert. Fence goes up. Cops are ready for right. Wing rally tomorrow now. I want you to hear this. You gotta hear the way. This is described by the new york daily news again. A left-wing tabloid even in post presidency exile. Donald trump is still raising unsightly walls. That's the first line of the article. Even in post presidency trump is still raising unsightly walls tall black chainlink security. Fence was erected outside the us capitol complex yesterday as workers are getting ready for a storm of trump fans who planned to descend on washington nine months. After the january six assault on american democracy fencing went up outside the capitol out after that deadly riot. Well yeah deadly ashley. Lab at the trump supporter was killed. But it was removed over the summer. Now it's back again as the right wingers prepared a role in the nation's capital saturday. They're going to have justice for j six rally now even the article as comical as it is says. Hundreds of trump's supporters are expected at the rally to protest criminal charges filed against about six hundred people suspected of breaking laws in january. So it sounds like it's hundreds like the hundreds who rioted january six and people and the left is obviously a nancy pelosi's terrified security officials are anxious to avoid any repeat of january sixth when hordes of protesters some armed or really. How many was there one gun found on one person overwhelmed cops in the effort to block congress from certifying biden's victory.

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