Peter Daszak: The Man Behind Anthony Fauci


We are governed by currently in this era of public health. Put that in quotes lockdowns and draconian drank draconian ism by a group of people that was largely unknown a couple of years ago but they have come to the forefront and have more power than any other people in the history of domestic american policy. One of those people is dr peter desk. Dr peter dasent is the villain behind the villain. Is the man behind foudy. Now many people ask the question. How is it that they spied on. Donald trump the same playbook that they used spy on donald trump. And go after lieutenant general. Michael flynn is precisely the same playbook that they use to launch this fraudulent campaign saying that the chinese corona virus came from the himalayas. It came from some bat soup. I'm reading from the daily mail dot com. It was revealed earlier last year. That peter desk a british scientists with longstanding links to the wuhan institute of variety had secretly orchestrated in landmark statement in the lancet in february two thousand twenty which attacked conspiracy theories suggesting the cove in one thousand nine does not have a natural origin. The now infamous letter signed by twenty-seven seven public health experts said they stood together to strongly condemn the theories that which they said quote do nothing but create fear rumours and prejudice. See that there. You have medical scientists telling us that it creates prejudice. They also lavished praise on chinese scientists. Who said they worked. Diligently and effectively to rapidly identified a pathogen behind this outbreak and share. Their results transparently the global health community. But now the lancet which is the top level of medical discourse and publication said near agreeing to publish an alternative commentary which discusses the possibility that laboratory research might have played a role in the emergence of the sars kobe to ouchi chinese corona virus. The scientists say quote. They need to evaluate all the hypotheses on a rational basis and away their likelihood based on facts evidence devoid speculation concerning potential and possible political impacts in february two thousand twenty. They even add that that statement in part of a silencing effect on the wider scientific debate. Yeah no kidding. Because peter dasent inserted themselves under orders from bouchier he is the pulp fiction equivalent of mr wolf.

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