Project Veritas Video Reveals HHS Workers Speaking Out Against Vaccines and Ivermectin Restraints


So project veritas put this tape out but this tape talking like a back in the 80s Put a video out on their social media feed on their website It's a video of an insider at an HHS sponsor for she's a government employee a healthcare worker And she's got some hidden camera device on And she records another one of her fellow healthcare workers here And they're talking about some really disturbing stuff and it addresses a big topic as you listen to this as it's the whistleblower talking to another healthcare worker about how they're not allowed to prescribe Ivermectin Ivermectin or be any part of it because they could lose their job I want you to keep this thought 'cause I'm gonna address it when we come back from the video How much power the media has in this country right now These liars on the left how they're not only controlling right now medicine what your doctor can prescribe to you they control entertainment they control Hollywood they control sports they control finance they control the legal field they control everything with their lies And this is a warning right here in the media is now practicing medicine because these medical medical interpretations and opinions are not being made by doctors looking at the science They're being made by media people pressuring doctors to throw the science out the window Check this out Doctor baklava to talk to you about prescribe in Ivermectin for not a lot of this controlling And so physicians can't prescribe off label use medication here Not for COVID they did it with hydroxychloroquine and they it was really bad And so they are not allowing it right now She said yes I would agree to write for this because she's not contraindicated And her baguette said that Yes And I am stuck I am told you are absolutely not to use it under any circumstances whatsoever for somebody with COVID Unless you don't want to have a job I am not going to lose my job Damn They were not allowing they were going to lose their job if they allowed you to use that drug Right Nuts Right now I'm what is plaguing this country is the spirit of fear Well who is imposing that spirit of fear on the country and the answer folks is obvious It's the media doing this The media had settled on a narrative early about Ivermectin which to be clear is an FDA approved drug for human beings for antiparasitic effects That's what it does Off label prescriptions right Where doctors prescribe drugs for reasons not necessarily related to the label use for liberals listening That's why it's called off label usage That is very common in the United States It happens all the

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