Gwyneth Paltrow x Ella Bell Smith and Stella Nkomo: Race and Gender in the Workplace - burst 09


That means a lot to me the women they're young and beer thin and i'm old dominion crampy arrives at you know you already gonna feel about that but you know it's so necessary. The young sisters natural eight. I mean. I think when we would think about is how do you think about pipeline. Are there internships. You can provide particularly for young girls who love beauty in urban areas and and also gotta hit the rural areas too. But are there. Are there internships by three younger girls who want to ensure that the industry. How can we support more women entrepreneurs like yourself you know we know right now that for entrepreneurs lack women are leading in the greatest number. How do we do that for brown women. How do we do that for native american women. How do we do that for asian women and how do we keep it going walk kinds of opportunities. Can we create to provide them for funding. But for you. I think it's pipeline. I think there's development how you're developing how you keeping everybody a wire and talking about these topics and talking about these subjects in educating folks and i know how this is. Look globally for you you know. What does this look like in south africa. What does this look. Like in nigeria. Would this look like in brazil. We converstation Sent you an email about different spokespeople. Who are the older spokespeople that or the younger suppose people that you can put his put out there that folks can can resonate with those stories that are important to tell and you're doing a lot of that and then how do you tell your story about learning about this. You have an unbelievable nature that no matter what comes at you you still get up and you shake it off and you're still connecting. You're still ask the hard questions all right. They don't come anymore. Blonder than you kill in terms of matrix stole your that. You the hr. What would you think. I think it's you know. I think a simple way of thinking about the metrics. If i looked goop and i just saw who in your work who your workers who your employees a good metric is. No one is in. People are not stuck in stereotypical

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