Moderna Says COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Wanes, Makes Case for Booster


Maderna's case for a covert nineteen booster shots. It's vaccine protection wayne's by thirty six percent after twelve months. According to a new study by alice park studies from cova nineteen vaccine makers and public health officials have been suggesting for awhile that protection provided by the vaccine wanes over time and a new study published on september fifteenth to a pre print server. The study is not yet. Peer reviewed researchers at medina which makes one of the two are in a covert nineteen vaccines. The other is from pfizer. Biotech report that people vaccinated within the last eight months had thirty six percent fewer breakthrough infections. The knows who were vaccinated a year ago that suggests vaccine induced. Immunity is likely highest shortly after people get their recommended two doses of the vaccine and starts to drop afterward. The modern vaccine received emergency use authorization from the us food and drug administration in december twenty twenty the fda currently reviewing the company's request for full approval aldershot.

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