Race to the Finish: Time for the Yanks to Seal Their Playoff Spot


So now we got this series against the Orioles coming up in The Bronx guys. What else do you want me to say? It's simply has to be a tweet, a tweet. It simply has to come on Twitter. Sorry. It has to be a sweep. They can not settle for anything. It's the rays lost again to the Red Sox, not entire. I don't know what's ideal for the Yankees now. You know, do you want the raise to keep losing and the Red Sox gaining ground? The Red Sox are a game and a half behind the Yankees now. It's just three in the lost column. And the rays are 6 and a half up on the Yankees for the division. So luckily the Yankees have this three game set against the Orioles that they truly have to take advantage of because the Red Sox next 9 games, oh, I'm sorry. Red Sox next 12 games come against the Indians, not bad, but not great, raise White Sox and Mariners, and those latter 6 are on the road. So ground to make up here for the Yankees who will have the Orioles, the Blue Jays and the mets in the mets, the one makeup game against the twins and then the Orioles again. So this is it, guys. You can really kick the Red Sox. You could really kick the Red Sox down by taking advantage of wins here and watching them lose some

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