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Supporters in panic mode. The justices have let stand a new Texas law that prohibits the termination of a pregnancy after just six weeks. Okay. That's that long inner body at the Texas capital. Pro Choice activists condemned the high court's ruling, saying it raises the specter of back alley abortions by allowing any private citizen to file suit against a person who enables or performs an abortion. Chelsea yeoman of Human Coalition Action, says some potential plaintiffs have a vested interest. It could be the unborn child's father, who knows that there was an abortion conducted and he said he lost a child. But critics say it would allow an uber driver, for example, to be Sued for taking a woman to an abortion clinic. Jim Ryan, ABC News, Dallas Reds and Cardinals split their doubleheader yesterday. And with that Cincinnati maintains a very slim lead in the wild card race. SEG has all the details coming up in sports. First, though the forecast is next. Go early. Stay late. Travel stress freaking Celebrate Spike what you're doing, Otis. The Bay Bridge needs a jingle. Yeah, telling people to cross the Bay Bridge early in the morning or late at night. Go early. Stay late. Travel stress freedom, so elaborate. Business is on the eastern Shore are thrilled to have you back early and stay late. Get a bridge Traffic updates at the MV to on Twitter or bay bridge dot com. I want to introduce

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