Texas Law That Bans Abortion After About 6 Weeks Takes Effect



Texas law banning abortions. After six weeks went into effect yesterday law prohibits abortions wants cardiac activity can be detected an embryo which very early the law also allows. This is sort of twist allows private citizens to sue abortion providers and anyone else who gives who helps a woman obtained an abortion in texas including even an uber driver who might have given a woman a ride to the clinic. The law makes no exception for rape or incest. The supreme court refused to block. The banner has now materializing a huge threat to roe versus wade. So what do you think under his eye. Where are we in the handmaid's to be the fruit. Blessed the fruit. It'd be fruit here not to joke about something so serious but let's not but to joke but not joke tweeted something yesterday And that is this that why men think they have something to say as much. They think they want to say about this when their contribution to the reproductive process last six or seven seconds. Maybe eight if it's been awhile and women for the next nine months and then feeding the baby breastfeeding afterward do all the heavy lifting all right. This is this. Is the women's show here and men want piece of this action like they've got something to say here it's dictatorial. This is i think janet jackson said it. Best in the first five seconds for in nineteen ninety-six smash album control okay. This is a story about control. Okay like it's about power and control. This is full handmaid's tale. That's one thing. The other thing as it relates to roe v. Wade as i understand roe v wade in nineteen seventy-three also texas with the same issue the supreme court as i understand it felt that texas's laws or whatever regarding abortion violated a woman's constitutional right to privacy about privacy. So what is it about this new situation. That is also not a violation of privacy.

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