Jim Clyburn Has Some Explaining to Do


Clyburn probably has some explaining to do. I'm quoting here from the washington post back in march of twenty or april first twenty twenty. Jim clyburn changed. Everything for joe biden's campaign in late february before the coming pandemic had begun to sweep the nation back in the democrat. Primary field was crowded and it looked like former vice president. Joe biden's campaign was hanging by a thread. Congressman james clyburn stood behind a lectern and began talking about fear. I'm fearful for the future of this country. The south carolina lawmaker said three days before south carolina's primary while urging votes for biden. I'm fearful for my daughters and their children and their children and their children's future weeks later clyburn was less anxious reports. The washington post his emotional endorsement of biden as the democrats proper antidote. For the era of president trump had earned clyburn the title kingmaker another notch in a long career that has made him the highest ranking african american legislator on capitol hill. Yeah he's he's got another notch. Alright he's also got some explaining to do anybody who voted for joe biden. This is the result of your catastrophic decision back in november. I hope you're happy. We not to worry about mean tweets. No more feuds with rosie o'donnell so i hope you're happy as we are now a country that has committed the unthinkable we are we. This country has demonstrated its ability to surrender to

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