Pros & Cons of the Rode NTG-3 Shotgun Microphone

Deadset Podcasting


The road in tj. Three a shock. I'm mark not a traditional choice for a podcast is still my favorite mark. My voice when. I'm speaking completely in awe selection if it's just going to be may on the recording like maybe on the bubble podcast for example which is a tv podcast that. I don't like a hubby cher. That mock works. Great for that when i think about what. I'd like to san locked recorded. That mike doesn't fill me. It gets me there but there are a few issues with the mark being a super cardio. Patent mania has a very taught pickup patent in front of the microphone. Basically when those patents start to become more narrow it does open up a window at the back of the marker fine for whatever reason physics that you will sell a some re noise problems. So if you've got a holly reflective surface directly behind the mic or annoy souls like a small feign or an air conditioner on the wall directly behind the mock you will mice lockley pick up more of that san than you're expecting to and the other thing is and this is something that ryo tiger actually mentioned to me that ryo tiger from the podcast. Roundtable shukan mocks. Ken behave little bit strangely in very small rooms and i mean a very small room at the moment. This is a small bedroom. That i mean now so i don't use it in. He because when tested adding this is the smallest of ever obtaining podcasting was basically just the studio and that it does and very booming here. And i'm not sure why is just the way does marks wick. It does tend to send muddy if it's not in exactly the right place in the room. Like i could find a spot in this room but i had to three lodge catches in so unless i'm going to record standing up talking to that mike where can move around a little bit. I'm kind of limited. As to where i can actually position myself. Sorry i would bar. I shock on mike and try in your space. I if at all possible because in my opinion you're either gonna get close to the best vocal sant that you're gonna be able to get or it could be really hard to deal with

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