Sowing Seeds of Solidarity, After the Tree of Life Synagogue Killings

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On the twenty seventh of october twenty eighteen. A gunman shouted eleven people and wounded six at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh in the us state of pennsylvania. The youngest victim was sixty nine. The oldest rose monning was ninety-seven all of those who died. Were members of the synagogue's congregation. This was the deadliest attack ever on the jewish community in the united states and took place the time of rising antisemitism as well as increasing levels of hate crimes against other groups including african americans and muslims in the us four days off the shootings the secretary general of the united nations antonio cherish honored the victims. At new york's park east synagogue. He denounced the mass shooting as a horrendous act. And as you just heard noted that antisemitism is the oldest form of hatred to have endured in human history. There's a big jewish population score hall. So is easy for me to stay really close to my jewish roots. I went to jewish preschool. Jewish elementary school. I spent my summer is a jewish summer camps. Why on the swim team. Kenny werner is a high school student in the squirrel hill neighborhood of pittsburgh the shooting the tree of life. Synagogue was a home away from home for her and her family. By the time. I was six or seven years old. I'd be able to run around that synagogue tree of life in just do what i wanted. We felt safe. One of katie's relatives was among those killed at the synagogue. Although she wasn't in the line of fire on the day of the shooting her mother malla says that the family has struggled to come to terms with the attacks. I think if tree of life and what happened there daily still. It's part of my everyday existence. Part of the fiber of who. I am and who my family is. My children have all been scarred to different degrees knowing people that were there knowing where certain people were standing at the time that they were likely murdered.

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