When Your Ex Realizes the Breakup Was a Mistake


When someone breaks up with you. It's because they're not happy and they think they can do better and sometimes it's just that they're not happy and they don't even care if they can do better. They're just not happy so they're leaving but for the most part they have to think that they can do better. Otherwise why would they go. And also they have to vilnai's you in their mind in order to justify the break-up so they have to say well you know he's been ignoring me or she did this or she didn't do this. They have to somehow justify it and make you the bad guy in order to break up with you and so when they realize it was a mistake those things start to get reversed so the first sign is actually when they move on now. I know you're afraid they'll move on but you know what you actually want them to move on. Believe it or not as usual counterintuitive. So that they will find out that. Guess what you're actually not that easily replaced if you had great chemistry together. They're not gonna find that in the next person or the next person or probably not even the next one after that they may have good chemistry even very good chemistry but great chemistry and luckily chemistry isn't something that can be faked. It's either there or it's not. It has to be felt and it will soon be painfully obvious to them. If they didn't already know it they'll be out with someone or talking with someone new and they'll realize that you know what this person is not their ex. This person is not you. it doesn't feel the same and that's where doubt starts to creep in one of my clients said that his ex told them that After they got back together she went out on a date with someone else and all she could do think about him and she just wanted to get out of there and the guy want to see her again and she was like nope and that's when she knew that she probably made a

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