Blinken Denies Taliban Holding Americans 'Hostage'

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Today. Secretary of state antony blinken is denying claims by some aid groups and members of congress that the taliban is detaining americans on charter flights in the afghan city of mazari sharif blinken insists americans with valid. Documentation are able to leave. They've upheld that commitment. And at least one instance in the last twenty four hours with a family that was able to leave overland route and we are not aware of anyone being held on an aircraft or any hostage like situation in missouri sharieff. Joining us for the latest on this is npr. Diplomatic correspondent michelle kellerman and michelle. Let's first talk about this family. The secretary of state is talking about a texas woman. Her three children who got out by traveling to the border on an overland route as he said with the help of oklahoma congressman mark wayne mullen and a private aid organization. What more can you tell us about this family. And those efforts to get people out. Well you know. The state department hasn't really said much about Those four or even talked about the route that was used but they did say that. The taliban new about this movement and didn't impede it you know ever since leaving the kabul airport. The state department has been trying to work on overland routes. They're also working with qatar and turkey to try to reopen the airport in kabul. That's where they're focused. Their focuses now congressman mullen though says that the state department doesn't really deserve any credit for the rescue mission that this was all a private effort to help out this woman and her three

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