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My mom used to like to tell. Moses randy was eight or so when this happened something came up at the school. That randy didn't understand and she came home and she asked my mom. Where do babies come from. And my mom just felt like great. This is great. She's bringing this up on her own. I don't have to sit down and some awkward birds and bees conversation. Someday we can get this out of the way now when she's young. She's really excited to tell her. This devon she explains the whole thing right where babies come from what sex is and the way. My mom always tell the story. She said she felt like. I am doing such a good job here. I am such a good mom today at the end of it. She asked randy. Okay so that's everything. Do you have any questions. And then randy pauses for a long moment at. She asked birds really fi. I remember is is of course. Oh she was not ready like she absorbed nothing and sure enough like your passes and randy comes back to her. I don't remember why and asser again. Like where do babies come from. And it's like the first time never happened. She remembered none of it. And i think sometimes when they're debates over what is suitable for children. I think there's a whole category of things that kids protect themselves from like they don't wanna engage with that stuff adults don't need to keep them from it. But then there's other stuff stuff that does seep into the world that they take to heart and they mull about and they make part of themselves and the thing is difficult is that can be really hard to predict what those things are going to be our program things that kids here things. They see things that happened to them that affect them in ways that they only understand later as adults like france what it means to give little black kids toys that celebrate the confederacy or to drag teenage boys into the desert to watch tomek bombs. Go off would it bring your kid to work when you work involves breaking the law has even quantify exactly what that does to a person day. We tried to figure that out. Wbz chicago

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