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Drone strike in Afghanistan is met with skepticism by a report suggesting the target was not a threat to the United States, according to The New York Times the drone attack that American officials say killed an ISIS terrorist carrying a bomb in a car moving toward US troops may have killed a man with no ties to Isis. A man who was simply carrying water to his family. American military officials say at the end of August, the drone attack was in response to an eminent threat by suspected suicide bombers. The time says after watching video evidence and interviewing people in Kabul. The newspaper has doubts about the version of the events told by the U. S. Military. I'm Jim Forbes. Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts on Fox News Sunday says coronavirus vaccines should not be mandated by the federal government and should be a personal choice. I'm Cameron Fairchild NBC news rating. Regulators say they are working around the clock to approve Covid 19 vaccines for Children. That's the word from the FDA amid a push to get kids under the age of 12 eligible as they return to school. Pfizer's vaccine is available for kids, 12 and older Despite the promise of nonstop work being done, top FDA officials issued a word of caution, saying, We have to let the science and data guide us. I'm Sarah Bartlett, NBC news radio. The White House says it expects bipartisan support for raising the federal debt ceiling, press Secretary Jen Psaki noted. It shouldn't be a political issue, she said. It's about preserving the full faith and credit of the U. S. Government. Some Republicans are threatening to oppose a hike in the debt limit without spending cuts. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned the federal government is on track to possibly default on the national debt next month. I'm Brian shook a federal judge blocks Florida's anti riot law. The bill was passed after last year's racial justice protests in Florida and was signed by Republican governor Rhonda Santa's. In April, U. S District Court judge granted a preliminary injunction against the law, calling it over broad and an unconstitutional violation of free speech rights governor does. Sanchez has said the state will appeal I. Rico show more than 93% of National Football League players are now vaccinated against co Did 19. The league made the announcement Friday as the season officially started Thursday. With more games kicking off this weekend, officials expect that number to rise as more unvaccinated players agreed to roll up their sleeves. NFL executive Vice President Jeff Miller said recent roster cuts did not have an effect on the vaccination rate as just under 93% of players were vaccinated by August. 26. This report is sponsored by Stand up to cancer. Johnson old

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