Dean Erika James On If You Should Get Your MBA


Jump into it. I've been so looking forward to having you on here because we this is obviously career podcast. Danielle and i talk very openly about how much we have learned as we have built the skin but without a traditional business background and one of the top things we end up talking about with our mentors with people that are coming to us for advice and on this show is should you get an mba or not and there is no better person to ask than you as we dig into that. I want to understand for you. What your you to your business education. Well so let me just challenge the narrative behind the question. I actually i myself do not have an mba so my career. Ethnic profile is in the liberal arts. That was a psychology major. Found this field organizational psychology when i applied to grasp the schools and really liked the way in which you apply what you learn as a liberal arts student in psychology particular to concrete professional business settings the organizations so. I've my pathway to business. Education was released through the discipline of organizational psychology organizational behavior. And i have just been able to parlay that into really interesting scholarship and the development of new interesting classes like crisis management's leadership etcetera so. That was my career. Pathway is it weird to be head of school for a degree that you yourself didn't get well. It hasn't been weird. Because i've been doing it was dean at emory for awhile. I've been now dean here for just over a year. So i think in the role as a leader so much of what you do is around understanding constituents around setting a strategy rounder titillating vision around coordinating people to align with that vision and you have to obviously knowing nothing about the core product in our case it's business education that you can do those things though yes. Some people may find it unusual. That i myself do not have an nba. But i think if you were to survey many deans of business foles might be surprised at the number that do not have mba's themselves.

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