Weekend Prop Bets: Sam Darnold

Behind the Bets


Let's jump right into is one of my favorite roberts heading into this weekend. And that is sam. Darnold over is passing yards. Nothing has been posted yet. I'm sure we can close to kick off. It will be posted but man. You know a lot of people i think. Sleep on sam darnold because just the raw deal that he got here in new york. But i just i love. I love his offensive coordinator. I love that rule. The head coach. He's playing behind better offensive line he ever had here in new york with jets. You've got a plethora of talent to work with in on top of that this week. He's gone up against a gaggle rookie corners to sophomore quarters. And here's another thing a not a number all then were have not been drafted. We're not drafted higher than the fifth round. I mean i think sam darnold it could be a sneaky. Good play not just in the That world but in dfs as well. So i love. Sam darnold i also love. I think he's going to connect with robbie anderson don't forget robbie anderson or her jet as well two of them gonna wanna take it to the jets. Got ravi anderson scored a touchdown plus one ninety and also men the jets. They're just a complete mess. Jamison crowder's out. I think. Zack wilson is going to struggle. So i like under in passing yards for zach wilson in this

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