Supreme Court Ends Biden’s Eviction Moratorium

The Takeaway


So now the by administration has been extending a federal eviction moratorium to protect tents struggling to pay their rent during the pandemic but now the moratorium is over really truly over. That's because the supreme court ruled last week. That the cbc has overstepped its at and that the moratorium to continue congress. We'd need to authorize it but that's unlikely to happen as house. press secretary. jen psaki told reporters on friday. What we're trying to do here is prevent people from being evicted from their homes. If there were enough votes to pass an eviction moratorium in congress it would have happened. It hasn't happened and while the white house says it's working with states on solutions. hundreds of thousands potentially millions of tenants across the country are now at risk of losing their homes including tenants in the state of new york. We're more than eight hundred. Thirty thousand households are behind on their rent. We're joined today by sia weaver campaign coordinator of housing justice for all in new york. Sia welcome to the takeaway. Extre having me also with us. Peter hepburn assistant professor of sociology at rutgers university newark and part of the eviction lab at princeton university. Peter welcome back to the shell on sia from your perch. What's the significance of this supreme court ruling. Well that's really just devastating as you said eight hundred thirty thousand households are more really are behind on rent in new york and seventy seven percent of them are people of color. The thing that's most painful about all of this as our state also has two point seven billion dollars in rental assistance. Money meant to solve this problem and we've been unable to spend it so this is a a real wave of addiction. That should be preventable. But for some reason has not been prevented.

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