University Students Stranded in Afghanistan, Terrified to Be Identified by the Taliban


From Blaze. Media News American University have In Afghanistan. Students terrified after being told they can't evacuate and their names have been given to the Taliban. Anybody who wanted to get out could get out. That's what the secretary of state just said 45 minutes ago. Hundreds of students at the American University of Afghanistan. Have been left terrified for their lives or to being denied evacuation from Kabul and told that the US government gave their names to the Taliban. In a stunning report published Sunday, the New York Slim's relay that roughly 600 students, staff and the relatives have been left stranded in a safe house in Kabul amid the Taliban's violet take over the country. There are hopes of evacuation debt. So let's assume 600 of them are citizens. Or dual citizens. Isn't 600 more than 250. Mr. It is. I think it is. Ladies and gentlemen. The group reportedly boarded buses set for a Hamid Karzai International airport on Sunday. Final attempt to flee the country. But after seven hours of waiting for clearance, the group was told to turn around the airport remained a security threatened civilian evacuations were to be halted permanently on Monday. Which they were. I regret to inform you that the high command at H K K I A. That would be the airport has announced there will be no more rescue flights. Imagine getting that email from American University president Ian Pickford Sunday afternoon. The scholar pilgrims who were turned away today while seeking safe passage to a better future need the help of the U. S government who gave them the hope they must not lose pick for it added While being instructed to return home. The defeated group received the worst news. Their names have been shared with the Taliban by the United

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