A highlight from The Mandalorian Review So far


Everybody welcome back to a very exciting episode of the topic of choice podcast garrett you had sent me this the making of that That music such a just a chilling ominous sound and yeah. I think that i forget. Who does that variety or or somebody like that goeransson. No the the the the the name of the group that made that video. But it's basically behind the scenes look at the soundtrack. But i'm sorry. I don't mean to derail the beginning no hit no no no not at all guys. Welcome to another episode of the topic of choice tonight with me. I've got a good friends. Matthew snotty garrett gave hard and lisa winston joining us guys. How is everyone doing doing well. Golden matthew online to be here again. Thank you all for taking the time tonight. It is thursday december. The third two thousand twenty. We are still for those. That are local here. We are not in studio yet. But we're still doing zoom and it's it's working out. It's good so tonight on the episode we are going to be talking all things mandal laurean. We're going to recap season one that we're going to kind of dive into a little bit of season to what we're thinking the good the bad the ugly And no pun intended with regards to the western right But before we do. I do have some breaking news that has just been released on what i read this. I don't know if you guys know this jon. Favreau critically injured writer director. And i'm quoting this john. Fabio writer director is in critical condition and receiving treatment in a hospital for severe spinal injuries. That occurred as a result of filming. Disney's the manda lauren series. Doctors say the director has experienced extreme trauma to spinal column and damaged several convertible discs as well as suffering a double in junior hernia. The injuries are said to have been sustained due to the extreme weight the actor encumbered while pulling the entire star. Wars universe out of a massive hole. I was that's my opener. A good one but it was a good one you you had me hook line and sinker up ono and then oh i see what you did there. But how true is that state. Absolutely great open. Perfect perfect in every way has saved it. Well considering how bad. I mean i think any star wars fan. I feel think all four of us are probably pretty diehard star. Wars fans feel like we have been robbed in some way like we have been You know maligned. By the way that disney has done the star wars films. It has been a roller coaster of awful since they took it over. And i when when. I now look back at the prequels with fondness and admiration. That's bad this has been but even through covert i found myself whatever day lens to just. There's nothing to watch. I still will hit disney plus and i found myself watching the force awakens and ro guan and even the last not the last jedi. Because that's a horrible movie. It is but an johnson will disagree with us. The the the sequel trilogy is fine. It's far exceeds the prequel trilogy. It does not exceed the original trilogy. Obviously that's the holy trinity. Prequel trilogy is terrible. Sequel trilogy is fine. it's it's fine. Why disagree more. But maybe we discussed the subject for today but duty not miss digressing rogue one is the is the saving grace of it because it's such a wonderful. I didn't expect it. It kind of came out of left field. It's so wonderful. But the force awakens last jet i rise of skywalker disagree more. Some i thought was great. I like solo. I thought it captured the essence of han. You know you felt like you were really watching haunted like finding out the story of you know where the stories that they what they did right and i'm going to segue into mandatory because i think this is part of what man delorean has done well to is take those pieces out of what we loved from star wars and made it a whole new story or gave you a story that was something war and i think garrett went you know because i i did listen to your podcast that i wish i had been a part of after the last movie was released. And you're you're beautiful here's the ending. I wanted that. I didn't get so i know where your perspective is and i think this is exactly what you wanted that you didn't get you know and i feel like solo did a better job than any of the other ones rogue one too. I liked rogue one again but those same concept. It's a story that was pulled out and made its own tied back in had some references but it took all these other little pieces like mandatory. Does you know these little minute characters that they bring in at now have a big part that have history. They have somewhere. They came from and expand on it but its own story and that is what we wanted for so long didn't get and they're not going out of the park now. Well let's talk about i. What is the mandatory and show for further listeners. Who may not have turned this on. Let's i explain what the mandatory in is where they can find it season one.

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