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Data associated with case counts and with hospitalizations and Tragedies associated with the loss of life. You can't look at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and look at our vaccination rate our hospitalization rate and compare it Where the rest of the country is. Rhode Island's capital city is imposing a mask mandate for anyone entering municipal buildings that goes into effect tomorrow. The city is also requiring most city employees to be fully vaccinated against Covid by the first of October or undergo weekly testing. And this developing story tonight. The Associated Press reporting. US experts are expected to recommend Covid vaccine boosters for all Americans, regardless of age, eight months after they received their second dose of the shot to ensure lasting protection against the coronavirus. This has the delta variant spreads across the nation again that report from the AP. 11, 3 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Steve, what's going on? Well done north of the city. We have work crews on 1 28 slowing things down in PVT. In both directions between Lowell Street and Overstreet and again north Beyond Manchester by the sea After Pine Street, you're down to one lane. Route one South, also down to one lane. This is only approach to 1 28 very slow going there and 4 95 north and challenge for you going to reduce speed, passing the lane closure before the rest area to the West, delays on the eastbound side of the pike with two left lanes taken at a crash. By the Charleston Service Plaza and then work crews in Southborough after 4 95 on 4 95 work. Crew delays North bound in Berlin at Route 62 South Beach between Route nine in the pike to 90 work. Crew delays westbound Main Street to route 70 eastbound before Route nine. South of the city Expressway north, Heavy with the left lane taken at the split Very slow CPU with two lanes closed that east Milton Square 4 95 north bound very slow to rent them. The left lane has taken between Route one and route. 1 40 Rue Trees South Watch for work Crew in a slowdown first before Route 1 39, then by Clark Road in Plymouth, 95. South very slow with to work zones. First Denim Street in Canton, then An adult world to 95 down to Route one a downtown. No real delay. But soldiers Field Road West has the right lane closed at River Street and on the airport tunnels that Ted Williams is Donna Lane both ways with a bit of a delay on the inbound side. This report sponsored by unbound dot org. Right now, there are young people across the world facing a tough choice, continue their dream of education or drop out to help their family put food on the table.

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