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Thousand eleven. Like a month ago. I got some dummies her dummies. He didn't offer them to. He just said oh. Sure oh i have some that. Haven't taken that's what he said. Yes okay okay. I have to work tomorrow. No i didn't mean right now. Oh next podcast. We'll we'll get together like our for trying to get some drink and we'll take you. And i might just say you can take gummy. Because you don't have to work in entire trying to get some stuff over here. I mean if you only eat like one. Gummy randomly really gonna show. I remember the last time i did it. It was with key leeann. Tamra keeley brought some over to take a half. So i took a whole one. Yeah you did your fucking out of. I remember that you then i took another one out of this world. That night been balls. Man was last time i had. Dummies was on my birthday. And i had like i just had to but then i was drinking and i have forgotten. Took them in all of sudden it was like holy shit. Does everybody know. I'm high has taken xy. No they should put tolls and your raymond. I've always been afraid to chemicals my. I'd like to do shirts cocaine fun. Yeah yes multiple. I wanna do. Shrooms definitely loves terms and it doesn't show up on a drug test really. yeah it's from. Oh i know some people can get they turn on me. Have you done no. I've just snorted cocaine. Never done cookie. I've seen like cocaine. My i showed you the girl she goes to. Thomas agency likes cocaine also due to really just me. I'm just so tired it's gonna. She's just like oh. Yeah i'll start align over. Yeah you get like super focused. Yeah like i had a friend took cocaine and like he would chill is shit. And then you'd go to the bathroom. Do it come back his be grinding. To see like yeah. I don't need to be more hyper i. Yeah i don't know and with that. Welcome to dirty. Were we don't just give you the drugs and some hugs sharing his carrying. Share your joint. I'm jason ill wobble sean. Sair the gray again. Everybody came before over. You know what it is is a not circumcise really sensitive. So i have to say my name before anyway. What are we gonna talk about. Today there was something. Oh yeah the tony's not all the that's right the he. Yeah so what do okay. So how you say sexually you preferred in lingerie or just naked he added. We're turning one more. Yeah we need to be turned on. Do you need to be wooed like your way up again. I'm my wife. You literally just said that to me like ten minutes ago would downstairs. She's like disarray at the womb. And i was like. I'm not willing shit. We've been married for fucking five years. Dude go and williams said your wife look good for somebody who's had kids talking about wooing. I'll go ahead funeral. Yeah you feel like you have a giant penis. Because whenever you i put it. She's though evidence bitch. I'll need some. Yes so so yes. We have a word of the day from the gray. Look dude. i'm still. I still fucking got it with a rhyming. That was pretty impressive. The word of the day is contemplate to contemplate the use of a condom there before. Yeah i mean if you had the option when you when you when you had the option when you were younger would you go. Communists if you could i did. You didn't worry about pregnant armed. And now yes fifteen gates. This is no. I've i've told it off during sex. Sucks rug what without a law against the law in some places. Now you taking your permission you. It has to be knocked up. She has to run to the doctor. Squeeze the sperm out. Doing some of those squeeze squeeze it out shooting sir. How can they prove it if you don't not in her yeah. Yeah if doughnut in her. But i think they're more worried about if you as you say nut in her. Use your sleep shelly fellowship. If you make that shit like the ocean puddles jellyfish swim so you call a jellyfish like when you come. Does it sting or where you come any big daycare burns coming. Here is if it stings. Yeah done that. Before you know. God my i love. I used to shake that love facials and weirded out by you know. Nothing's going to happen after this right. 'cause i'm not fucking kissing. You know not my cup of tea. It's like a keely in we had a stripper from atlanta on here named juicy j years about a year ago and they her tamra and keely all-star yelling at me basically because i was like. Yeah i came in chick. I'm not going to go down on our app. Right after a come on her and they really what is wrong. You and i was like dude. I'm not gonna might come now. Guys contain that shit comes out like you swallow it. If she's upside down. Me and sarah unwritten rule book that we just after i go down on her. She goes down on me and swells jellyfish. We don't give each other kisses until like brosio rents with mouthwash you know. It's just like unwritten law. Yeah i don't think. I i honestly don't think my wife likes to kiss me after i've gone down or either yeah thing but not much of like i do it You don't feel don't feel the love i've kissed. She's my dick. Your tickets one thing but like if did you come in her mouth fister. I don't remember was with bill clinton on me were don't recall it depends on what your definition of coming her mouth is

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