Use Your Expectations as a Tool

Developer Tea


Are the source of suffering. This is according to The buddhist tradition. And whether you believe that that's true whether you follow a buddhist practice or not is not really the point instead. It is to look at this idea of expectation to inspect the concept of expectation. And see what we can pull from it as it turns out. I'll modify what. I believe about expectation for this show. That is an expectation is a useful tool that can be abused and it can be kind of a painful painful tool. If it's abused. So what do i mean by tool when we have expectations when we set expectations when we develop some kind of future thinking or or future can have predicting outcome. We can both set what we believe could happen. We can also kind of set an expectation. For what will happen and then we can test it with. This sounds familiar then. Hopefully hopefully this familiar. Actually hopefully you recognize it. As a hypothesis. An expectation in many ways is simply a hypothesis. What do we think will happen.

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