NFL Picks and Predictions Ahead of Week 1


About the nfl week. One right around the corner where you been doing. Our nfl picks podcast tomorrow. But is there any sort of early liability that you're already having to move numbers a little bit just based off of where the actions coming in. I've seen a number of small road favorites even non conference road favorites which typically red flag. But i'm having trouble talking myself into some of these dogs as a as a senior trader. Is there something you're keeping your eye on there like an eighty twenty split already that you're you're seeing so you don't like the lions and i do to live not not to win outright but san francisco strikes me as that team the forty niners that is going to ruin everyone's survivor contest. Everyone's three-team teaser. They're just it's too easy. I've been gambling for too long and al and you know as as the guy works behind the book bets like those. It's too easy dangerous showing you. I mean you're talking to guys who are considering the texans one mixture of lawrence and three point road. Favorite team was more than fifteen last year in survivor pool. You have to go those routes if you pick the same stuff everybody else that's gonna pick you're never gonna win. Need those good teams at the end of a chance. Someone all so i don't this respect. Respect the texans. But you know i think basically when you go into week one you know what sides are going to need right. We're going to need the lions to beat parleys. We're going to need bears games interesting. I think that we'll we'll see some decent sharp action that's been driven up. They still have the shawn watson we know. Travelers is gonna be good but peyton manning threw how many picks in his rookie season a little rough. So i don't think that's a slam dunk. Our road road favorite. But yeah i mean you know who are gonna need the near the bears against the rams.

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