Equity Monday: Women's Employment Drops



Goal. Stock markets are mixed. Asian markets are on the rise. Europe markets are slightly down and the us stocks were somewhat fought value of crypto currencies. Kind of looks the same. We saw some tokens and cryptocurrencies off. A few points this morning but not enough to start an entire twitter debate. The mixed feelings could be due to a lot of things first. Traders are back from the kitchen and analysts. Always have a ton of thuds. Some people think it's inflation some set. It's an upcoming european central bank meeting. But what i want to focus on is a less than ideal jobs report ready. Let's go. I'll start with the good news. We learned that in august overall unemployment declined to five point. Two percent from july's overall employment rate of five point four percent zero point two percent but i will take it because that represents a lot of people that now have paycheck coming in to their mailbox. That's kind of where the good news stops. Though this report we learned that the us economy added only two hundred thirty five thousand jobs in august which was a sharp drop from analysts expectations. But even looking at july's total which was nine hundred forty three thousand jobs to make matters worse fortune actually dig a little deeper and looked at the national women's law center. They say that women only accounted for eleven point nine percent of those jobs in august again. If you look at july women were sixty eight point eight percent of the new jobs. It's your reminder that we aren't back to pre pandemic level employment and that women are disproportionately leaving a now reentering the workforce at alarming rates.

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