R. Kelly Accuser Testifies That Singer Once Said He Liked 'Young Girls'


Well we've been following this. Are kelly child. That's taking place in brooklyn and let me tell you this one. It was a third woman who testify. She's now thirty nine years old but she said that she was abused sexually. Abused are kelly when she was seventeen. See also said our. Kelly told her and two other people. He should be allowed to have sex with a very young girls because he is a genius. He mentioned that he liked young girls. And that people make such a big deal out of it. Even look at jerry lewis. That's what she testified that he said. And that's jerry. Lewis is the one who married his thirteen year old cousin. He's a rock and roll singer. She said he's a genius and medina's we should be allowed to do whatever we want. Look at what we give the world. That was kelly's explanation To this groceries going by the name stephanie. While she's on the stand she told the court that she first encountered r kelly when she was sixteen at the rock and roll. Mcdonald's is chicago back in ninety eight. She was with her boyfriend best friend. Our best friend's boyfriend. An employee of r kelly gave her a slip of paper with his number on it. Even though she said she was sixteen he said r. Kelly wants you to call him. She said she had no intention of doing that. Throughout his number but the following summer she was working at a hotel and she heard he was making an appearance at a nike store around the corner. Her best friend was an aspiring singer. So she thought that she could introduce it to them and it would help her career. She said she ran into him as he was exiting the store they started talking and a week later. They had their first sexual encounter while she was seventeen. She said she went to a studio and they had sex after she waited a few hours to even speak to him. She said that she had low self esteem at the time of their meeting and she had already experienced sexual trauma from a family member and from a former boss. She said it was a hard time her life. She says he did keep seeing him and he was either very nice charming or he was very controlling and intimidating. She said the sex was humiliating. Control everything instructing her and how she should mon even and then he would. I don't even know if i could say this on the radio so i won't say that part. But she said she would leave feeling disgusted and less than and that he would make her assume a specific sex position. Then leave the room and make her hold it for hours and he would yell at her if she moved

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