Bestselling Author Gretchen Rubin: Can We Be a Tiny Bit Happier?


I feel like it is. It's just so easy to get swept up in the urgency of the to do list and and and not think about the bigger questions like Is this what i really want. Anyway or my or my neglecting more transcendent values. Because i'm just sort of taking care of the day to day so nice people think. Oh it's not good to think about your happiness all the time. And i'm like well i to at least for me i never thought about it Because i just never step back to say like. Is there any way that i could be. Is there any low hanging fruit. is there any. Yeah just stuck within my easy reach. That i could do. Yeah 'cause i just i can't ross myself back west. I think it was maybe in the an angela. Duckworth book on grit that. I remember thinking about that question of feeling like propelled. Because i was always may be over propelled through the world and i lived in kind of like middle distance where it was always. It was always someday wasn't today wasn't quite tomorrow and and it wasn't honestly till i was so sick that i couldn't i just physics. I physically couldn't do that. That i started thinking about. Some of the questions you're describing. It was some of that. Like how do i get it. Those bigger will i have. I'm not sure. I'll have all the time in the world to get to those big questions but now that i'm a bit humbled by circumstances and you know now that i'm taking part is there a person may be. I'm supposed to that. I should be instead because not entirely sure how to live. If i'm not just doing everything that's in front of me. But i think that's why there's so much value in your work. Kate is because you've sort of been forced to think about those big questions and you can kind of take us through your thinking and your experience and then. I think that helps us to think about doing it ourselves. Yeah certainly did not want to volunteer. Unfortunately but But you but you are so good at at helping other people think through those costume. Thanks gretchen get a lot of messages from people who are just kind of simul. Were also kind of undone. Like they've lost somebody that they love or they get they lose their job. They lose a dream or there or even just like they're on a relationship ends or their kids move out and this world that they loved no longer exists and then there are so many of us are forced into a kind of reevaluation that we don't even necessarily have time

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