A highlight from How not to sabotage yourself at Holiday season - Habits that can derail


Services and margie. How are you today. Great absolutely great. We are coming back and talking talking about money a lot but one of the things were right here at holiday season. We're coming up at the time of the year when it's real easy to take out that wallet full of plastic and have a field day with it and i do. I've done it myself. And i know a lot of people that do do it give very expensive gifts sometimes and put themselves further in debt. Buying things and stuff stuff absolutely absolutely so. What we're talking about today doesn't just happen at the holiday season or christmas but it certainly can't restage any special get very excited and we'll talk a little bit about why this happens but first let's just lay the groundwork of you know how this sabotages derails think of your chuck. Chuck chuck chuck. You're your train on your way to your american dream. You've been disciplined all year long. And then all of a sudden crash oh bangle and your derailed on love that image. And your your sidetracked. You're literally off tracks. what happens. We start loading up and buying so much and we feel we need to write or we have to. And i'm not saying that it isn't fairly expensive time of year but with can be can really be evening and maybe less guilt more. You know trying to compensate for something that maybe you didn't get when you're a kid yourself and you want to give it all to your kids now. What if this were. If you're just wrapping up payments on something. That was two or three christmases ago. Oh that's a big indicator if it takes you six months to pay off the credit card after christmas in junior just july or even like maybe it's all year long and maybe you don't even get it all and then nigga that interest that you're paying on those cards works in reverse to compounding year investments. So yeah you're digging a hole for yourself. This is very hard to get We don't want to miss the joy of giving right. Let's not go there. I'm not talking about being screwed. No i understand yeah. I'm not talking about being screwed. Because i am certainly not unlike my mind not to go out on the limb seasonal times like this in christmas time i said let me buy gift cards because first of all. I don't know what people want anyway. So if i give them the gift card and they go out and buy their gift. I'm out of the amount of it and that way you can control it. That is a great hint. But let's take a look underneath what causes some of this behavior. What is the behavior. The behavior is overspending. that's how it shows up. And how do you know you're overspending. You can't pay for it in a reasonable amount of time right. So let's say you're You're working hard. You got a good job. He's got a good job or your other people in your life have good jobs if you're not married but you still paying on credit cards like three four.

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