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Today, ophthalmologists can get countless hours to practice their surgical skills before operating on real patients, thanks to fundamental VR and Orbis' Metaverse training platform. Learn more at meta .com slash metaverse impact. Good morning at 5 a .m. Wall Street time for the latest on markets overseas and the news you need to start your day. I'm Tom Busby. Stay with us. Top stories and global business headlines are coming up right now. The big three can emerge as winners. Hollywood studios and screenwriters are close to resolving a dispute over a contract renewal. Apple may be scaling up its India production by more than five fold over the next five years. New Biden polling on the economy is dismal. China warning military personnel about being careful with whom they associate. Russian foreign minister to visit North Korea. I'm Ed Baxter with Global News. Arsenal and Tottenham played to a draw in the North London derby. I'm Dan Schwartzman. I'll have that story and more coming up in Bloomberg Sports. That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia. On Bloomberg 1130 New York, Bloomberg 99 .1 Washington D .C., Bloomberg 106 .1 Boston, Bloomberg 960 San Francisco, Sirius XM 119 and around the world on Bloombergradio .com and via the Bloomberg Business App. Hi everybody, good morning on this Monday morning.

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