A highlight from 117 Beyond the Story by BTS & Kang Myeong-seok A Memoir or an Official Wiki?


What is book what the heck is this book what is it the main thing i got from it was like this sense of feeling seen and validated well why does it have to be this way this book was placed in my hand for this moment insightful learned a lot wrote some quotes that i'm ready to like paint on my wall i love this book that we just kind of pull out some some of the big things that we see and talk about a few different ones i apologize if most my contribution has k -pop references alternative book title the feminine mystique part two you're really just gay welcome to book club with julia and victoria we are two friends who find making and presenting power points on their special interest via super fun way to spend two hours on a saturday night it was the best time i had such a great time with you yesterday and we'd like to be your book friends this is a podcast for the books we just can't shut up about and this one is truly for julia and i'm here as the bestest of friends along with two lovely guests we will introduce in just a moment this week we're talking about beyond the story a 10 -year record of bts written by kang myung suk along with bts's interviews and translated by anton herr claire the first official biography charting the inception and rise of the global sensation kpop boy group bts and this is very much an official biography sort of by and about the company as much as about the artist so we're here to kind of talk about what exactly is going on with this book and bring in some special guests very very quickly before we introduce them if you'd like to support the show you can rate review and subscribe on any and all podcast platforms. If you're in the market for buying some books, you can go down into the show notes. Any book links that are there will take you to our affiliate page on bookshop .org and we get a very small kickback from those. And if you'd like to join the club, you can go to buymeacoffee .com slash book club with JB, where we have all of our archived episodes, a bunch of bonus content, all kinds of fun stuff. And that's it. Our special guests, husbands Adam and RJ are here. They have been podcast hosts since 2015 and can currently be found on the Ampliverse channel, hosting and producing shows like Did You Read the Group Chat, Showgaze, a movie musical podcast, and their own Boys Love series, where they recap idol survival shows like Boys Planet and Queen Dumb Puzzle, dating shows like His Man and BL series like The 8th Sense, and they're currently recapping Cherry Magic. Victoria doesn't know what any of this is. It's okay. The word salad.

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