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We don't see lugar a ludas, esta nueces una taria para tibios, esta nueces una taria para córdes, esta nueces una taria para los politicamente correntos. Xo no me me ti yaca para estar y ando córderos. Xo me me ti yaca para despastar de odres. ¡Quiero! ¡Quiero! ¡Quiero! ¡Quiero! ¡Quiero! ¡Quiero! ¡Quiero! ¡Quiero! ¡Quiero! ¡Quiero! When you think of Argentina you might envision tango, soccer, or maybe a juicy steak, but today it's all about a wild surge in bitcoin advocacy and a man whose opposition to statism might be louder than a wake -up call from Frankie. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM That's right, baby. Wake the f 'up and get on the Freedom Train. We get a lot of s*** to cover. Let's get it! I think that it can be my moment. Because as we have seen, we are in all of them. And we are not one of them. This is what we are in all of them. Because we are going to do everything, and we are going to take care of everything in the world. Yes, to be able to build Argentina properly. A liberal Argentina. An Argentinian people. An Argentinian that is going to build the borders of the world. And yes, in 35 years, we will be able to build the first global potential. So yes, effectively, I am going to be in politics. be Will it Teresa? Míle he is right. Míle? Míle, he is right. farm. go I'm gonna ahead and start with this go ahead and take a look down there 339 .8 million views and I want you to put that in perspective so when I said that you know these bit corners just made history well they're both advocates and it just became the most watched interview in history now Tucker's last interview with that orange guy yeah Trump that set the record and beat Oprah's former record with her interview with Michael Jackson and it appears Tucker Carlson is going full Eminem breaking a record every time he drops a record right now what this really had me thinking is the fact that well you know Joe Rogan gets like 11 million views he's the number one podcaster in the world Tucker was the number one show on Fox News and all mainstream media and he was getting about three four million views I'm putting that in perspective he's gone independent and he's got 340 million views blowing everyone out of the water talking about well look at this Argentina's next president and this guy is winning big -time you saw those crowds who is he well Tucker traveled to Buenos Aires to speak to him and find out and we of course hear it simply Bitcoin have covered Malay quite a bit but very exciting stuff an amazing conversation very base and before we get into that now Malay you got to understand they kind of do language a little different right so when he uses the the terms liberal he's referring to classical liberal like Bastia which is closer to libertarianism or anarcho capitalism if you'd like to say and when he refers to anything like socialism or communism of course they're all the same thing all statism and that's really the point that he's driving home is the fact that it's freedom versus the state and I love it until you fix the money for example a lot of Western democracies went full tyrannical regimes over the past few years and they're supposed to be democracies with representative government that is supposed to work in your best interest but I think we know the truth well let's get to it we're in downtown Buenos Aires the capital of Argentina this was once about a hundred years ago one of the richest cities in the world and you could tell as you walk around the fated grandeur of a once great city but this is now a desperate country its economy is in shambles has been for a long time Argentina famously defaulted on his debt more than 20 years ago but now hyperinflation has made this country genuinely desperate you see when you have dinner here in restaurants and people pull out bricks of local currency the peso to pay it feels like Weimar or Zimbabwe but it's not this is a developed country that's moving backwards at high speed and because of the frustration that has built up among the population particularly among poor people a man called Javier Miele is poised to become its next president he's a former soccer star goalie a performer in a Rolling Stones cover band and a libertarian economist he's not a libertarian in the traditional American sense he wouldn't fit into the Cato Institute he's libertarian in the traditional sense he believes people should have the maximum amount of freedom they can be given which is a lot much more than they now get in Argentina he has moved from basically nowhere in the last several years to become maybe the most famous person in this country the election is next month in October and once again it seems like he's likely to win he himself is a Bitcoin enthusiast right he jetted off to Argentina not for steak not for soccer but to meet the rock star economist and fellow Bitcoin advocate Javier Miele why do you think from your perspective you've become a man with no political background so popular so quickly in this country that in a cable con el hecho de que ese de huador de football a mismo tiempo ese do cantante rock -and -roll y ademas a soy economista y creo que esa combinación es una combinación attractive en terminos de producto televisivo pero por otra parte lo que también es importante el tema de las cídeas y argentina a pasicamente es un país que se va cien años abraçando las cídeas socialistas y entonces la revelión natural del sistema era ser libérales y es por eso que la revelión natural la parece siempre los jovenes y los jovenes encontraron alguien que man Miele from an 18 % poll prediction grabbing a 29 % victory in the primaries Miele maybe is unpredictable as a Bitcoin price chart and with hair that's probably more talked about than the latest thing what is that now like men in black aliens in Mexico or something and the guy is very based he's just gonna say what he thinks what he feels but Miele's boldness isn't limited to just critiquing the state but he also questioned the Pope talked about advising the orange guy and has many times advocated for Bitcoin is the future of financial freedom in short Javier Miele is making waves the Pope the current Pope is from Argentina I would think he would support you he has instead criticized you and you've called him a communist why the disconnect bueno primero porque el papa juega politica vente a si luma some papa donde tiene forte Ingenencia política ademostrado además una granda finidad con dictadores como Castro o como comaduro si restar el lado de de dictadores wait I'm sorry Raul Castro's a murderer si if you got to the minute at Rocesino but the Pope you believe the Pope has an affinity for Raul Castro si exacto si decho no los condena si repatante condescending de conesos y esta mien condescending de con la dictadora venesolana a si el condescending de con todos los discuiras a un cuando se verdaderos criminals toco el esos un problema prudemas es a lien que consider a que la justicia social un elemento central de desu vision y eso es muy complicado porque la justicia social case robar el fruit su trabajo una persona y dar ciudad otra en dos es implicado dos cosas una es un robo y el problema es que el robo esta encontra de lo que seniela los días mandamientos si ha valar la justicia sociales ha valar el robo por otando son problema de que está violando los días mandamientos el otro problema es que es un trato decíbal friende a la ley now me and myself I'm kind of against protectionist policies but Malay on the global stage he has a clear stance no deals with status so china lula unless it's about decentralized money of the future bitcoin probably don't bother knocking you've said that as president of argentina you will not do business with china de cho no solo no via certain negocios con china no via certain negocios con nimún comunista esir habar yo soy un defensor de la libertad de la paz y la demogracía lo comunista no entranay but also incredible beyond the politics and probably his bitcoin price checks who is this Javier Malay at heart well one thing he's a man whose phone screensaver is joy has no end and is as passionate about freedom the austrian economic community as he is about bitcoin and decentralization no no no no no no when you talk about and live according to your conscience you don't have me because you know what is the definition of this personal me you know that when you are in the last moment or when you are in the constant pressure of being big you know what I mean? You know what I mean? You know what I mean? This will pass all over your life.

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