Are Cell Phones the Cigarettes of the 21st Century?


We go with Dr Joseph McCulloch Doctor mccalla. Welcome back to the podcast so great to chat with the again. Well it's great to be here Jesse. Yeah we got a lot to get into. I loved your New Book On. Ems and I love the title. Em assist perfect. My sister's responsible for that one love it. I'm sure people are gonNA love it as well as we jump in here. I think it's important to talk about how you first became aware of ems. I know for you. This has been something on your radar for about twenty years. Some curious how did you initially come in contact with them? And what was your initial reaction. Well because I've got a website that seeks to educate the public about health issues. I became aware of this a long time ago about two decades ago as you mentioned and it was pretty clear if you if you're serving the literature that this is an issue so I knew about it. I accepted that they were an issue but reluctantly chose to accept it. Fully embrace it and act upon it in a way that would protect me specifically largely because I fell prey to the deceptive campaigns by the wireless industry essentially replicated the patterns of the tobacco industry. They absolutely do work. They seek to create doubt and confusion. Which is a primary strategy and they certainly did my mind than they effectively by spinning off of many other ostensibly credible research studies. That suggested. There wasn't an issue. So pretty this doubt this lack of scientific certainty and unlike tobacco which has very clear and strong suggestions that. There's something going on here. I mean just common sense. Why would you inhale something? That's Y- smoke into your lungs. I mean it just doesn't make sense is not going to be an issue but wireless radiation. It doesn't have that at all in fact to other counters at our amazing Lee beneficial to us and that is incredibly inconvenient prize with all these tools easy access to the greatest innovation history of mankind. Which is the Internet. And it's invisible. You can't hear see it smell it so you're just never aware that you're being enveloped with these exposures with that. In the convenience aspect primarily I just shows to be remained ignorant and at ignorant but chose to embrace it in full and take measures to counteract it and I didn't really get motivated to get more serious about it until one of my mentors. Dr Klinghoffer confronted me with this. He's a clinician. For many years in sees a large number of people still in the trenches being patient some of the sickest patients in the world sees in Europe and in the US and one of his basic tenants as he refuses to see someone. Unless they're gonNA mitigate the M. F. Exposures because he knows that there's not going to get better so that to me was a giant clue and I got serious about in once I started studying it and it took me three years to compile information. This book became real obvious that this was indeed. A real threat in that the source of the confusion was the wireless industry and they're far more sophisticated than tobacco industry. Everyone knows how effective they were. I mean Jay's we had every federal regulatory agency telling us in warning of the dangers of cigarette smoking yet they still persisted for thirty years before we finally got the black box warnings and telling people very clearly authoritatively that these are dangerous and I think everyone listening most likely can remember when the four five. Ceo's of all the major tobacco industries testifying before Congress saying one that cigarettes were not addictive and to to the best of their knowledge did not cause cancer. They were lying through their teeth. It took that long and they still lied. But finally attorney generals were able to correct that in impose tens of billions of dollars in sanctions against them. And we're going to head towards a similar result with the wireless intrigued but it's going to probably take another twenty thirty forty years. I mean because the evidence is so clear and compelling once you objectively review it and before we get deep into the nitty gritty here. I think it's important. Were on the same page and to get there. Can you explain exactly what? Ems are sure mfs is an acronym is your electromagnetic fields and describes the entire range spectrum. Which can be anywhere from a fraction of a cycle per second which is called hurts too many billions of or even hundreds of thousands of billions of cycles. Per Second. Not all you must are dangerous. We've been exposed to EMS since air entire human biological history and example of those would be sunlight. Sunlight isn't enough broadly. They're broken down into two different categories. I O nizing radiation in which there is some from sunlight. Ultraviolet radiation was gives us our son Tannin. Vitamin D is actually ionizing radiation. That's when you get too much you'll get a thermal burn as dangerous. You don't WanNa get excessive something like that but obviously some as important to stay healthy. I don't think any rational human being other than a dermatologist. Which hard to classifies rational most of the time would disagree with that and we've had relatively low exposures. I mean they're earth actually emits certain very low level. Emf's Shuman Resin Sake. Seventy eight hurts or so but this is very low level but the exposures that we're most concerned about our manmade ones which didn't really exist before the late eighteen eighties or so electrical fields radiofrequency feels these were not around the planet but they started becoming more prominent even though they were around for four years at the end of World War. One they were still pretty low and if you compare the levels of a typical major exposure we're concerned with which radio frequencies which is about two to five Gigahertz Gigahertz as a billion cycles per second those are the frequency that your microwave oven runs on and your cellphone. They're almost identical frequencies. The industry uses heat thermal damage as a measure of the safety. Because it's the same for microwave. So their thought is that if it's not heating your tissue like a microwave than can't possibly cause biological damage will go back to that later. There's this broad spectrum of ems the end of world will want certain level even though ems. Were around be as we're ROTHROCK FORTY YEARS? It was still relatively low out century later. Nineteen or twenty twenty. We are literally at a billion billion times higher exposure than we were a hundred years ago. That's ten to the fifteenth. So it's hard to imagine that an increase in that type of magnitude of exposure wouldn't have some biological impact so today for example getting into the different man media mass. There's four different types. One being radio frequencies than we got magnetic fields electric fields and dirty electricity. Well Yeah. Those are the primary mimic exposures note. Nature does create radio frequencies to I mean they exist in stars amid him. I think you'll see there are out there but the really really low exposures if you were to measure them they be. I mean it almost immeasurable by most commercial equipment so the issue is not only the frequency but the amount of intensity of exposure them out of power. That's being broadcast into your tissue right. We're going to be looking at the Manmade Weinstein how we can lessen or totally eliminate the impact on the human body. You talked about the SARS and you talked about the effect of this radiation causing heat on the tissue so first of all I just want to get into the FCC here. 'cause they're the ones that are creating these guidelines and the guidelines they're creating have to do with heating tissue so let's go a bit deeper into this and talk about SARS and in the measurement that we're using here and how that works will SARS is another acronym again stands for a specific absorption. I forget the IRS Stanford but essentially it's a term used to describe how much heat is generated when you're exposed to electronic device and it's not unreasonable because it is. I says microwave transmitter. So it will vibrate your tissues as certain frequency and create. He'd and he'd can clearly 'cause biologic damage and it can be an indirect indicator of the amount of danger. That's there but by no means a direct because we know now very clearly and there's literally hundreds if not thousands of studies have proved conclusively that is not the heating damage is what we call the non thermal effects and for the longest time it. We really confused me. No one really knew or understood. What the biologic mechanism was for these. Non Thermal Effects. We just knew. That's what causes damage. We knew it was heating was very very clear was not heating the tissue and if you go abide by these standards FCC I think just adopted him from another professional agency is like International Electrical Standards Agency that they took that from and they've got these models based on but even using this flawed model they use this model that is called Sam which was patterned after a six foot. Two or four military guy was weighed about two hundred thirty pounds sale very large head and it totally different characteristics than a child. They're measuring SAR based on that model. So it's flawed and they're not measure for children also it's slugged begin with but even using that model. It's still an indirect indication because it will give you an indication of the amount of power that's being generated by that devise. But you cannot you simply cannot use. Sars is indication of the safety of your phone because it isn't other than you maybe can compare models and will lower star rating. Might be a little safer but you still need the shield yourself because exposure this will clearly increase your risk of biological damage in the most common would be cancer but you know what I call cell phones to cigarettes of the twentieth century for good reason because there's so many similarities. Not only did they wireless industry pattern their tactics after tobacco but they also in many ways are almost identical with the mechanism of the Holocaust. Har- They do not hurt you. After one exposure or exposure for a week a month or maybe even a decade it takes these is a long term chronic exposure. Where ultimately you'll succumb to the biologic damage. So this is a new experiment. Most people listening to this if not been exposed to their cell phone for more than two decades. I mean there are some but there's like no one more than three decades and debt still maybe under the window a word required exposures going to occur to encounter these side effects and you know people can smoke for four or five decades and still not have cancer now. They make succumb to other reasons. Like my mom who's longtime smoker and was confusing to see by the tobacco industry and she ultimately wound up dying from complications from COPD or emphysema. So you don't necessarily have to die directly from cancer but there's a lot of people coming down with brain cancer as and even prominent celebrities. We have two senators Ted Kennedy and John McCain who both died from brain cancer secondary to cell phone

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